Idaho Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor


"Be Prepared."

-- Baden Powell

Is This Sufficient Prosecutor Training and Preparation?

“Congratulations!  Let me be the first to welcome you to the Prosecutor’s Office.  Here are your files.  Lucky for you, crime is down. You only have 200 cases.  Your courtroom is across the street.  Good Luck!" In many resource-strapped offices, this suffices for prosecutor training. 

-- Basic Trial Techniques for Prosecutors, Special Topic Series, American Prosecutors Research Institute, May 2005, p.1.

Trial Preparation Materials

Directory of Expert Witnesses

I maintain a reference directory of expert witnesses, including CV’s, transcripts, and other information.  If you have information on an expert witness or are seeking information on a particular witness please contact me via email at Please help other prosecutors by providing information about defense witnesses you have encountered.

Brief Bank

With the help of the Idaho Attorney General’s Office, county and city prosecutors and prosecutors nationwide, I have begun developing an Idaho brief bank for traffic crimes.  As with defense experts, if you have a brief to share or are seeking information on a particular traffic-related legal question please contact me via email at

Breath Alcohol Training Manuals

Click here to access these manuals published on the Idaho State Police Forensics web site.

Other Trial Materials

Prosecutors and law enforcment may also contact me for trial materials on the following topics:

  • Voir Dire
  • Opening Statements
  • Evidentiary Foundations for Evidence (Video, Photos)
  • Direct Examinations: Officer, Drug Recognition Expert, Crash Reconstructionist, Toxicologist, Breath Testing Specialist, etc.
  • Cross-Examinations: Defense Expert, Defense Witnesses, Defendant
  • Closing Argument

I also have materials and information to help you create a visual trial. This can be done through PowerPoint, video, charts, etc.