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The TSRP program offers various trainings to Idaho prosecutors.  Many of these trainings are being developed with the prosecutors’ heavy caseloads in mind.  Trainings can be adapted to meet the needs of your office, regardless of office size or time constraints.  Many prosecutor offices already conduct internal trainings or in-service days.  If I can be of assistance at these trainings, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Potential Topics Include:

  • Prosecuting DRE cases
  • Preparing the DUI trial
  • Trial Advocacy skills
  • Direct & Cross of Experts
  • Traffic Case Law Updates
  • And many more. . .

Many trial advocacy courses will also be offered in future IPAA Conferences.  There will also be joint prosecutor/law enforcement trial advocacy courses offered in alternating regions of the state.  Click on the links to the left to see these course descriptions.