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Idaho law enforcement agencies can take advantage of the various training programs offered by the TSRP program.  If there is an area related to traffic safety you are interested in but it is not listed, please contact me.  I am willing to develop specific programs for your agency. The length of the training can be adjusted to fit your needs and time constraints. 

Topics include:

  • Traffic Case Law Update
  • Search & Seizure Issues in Traffic Stops
  • Effective Evidence Gathering in DUI Cases
  • How to Write a Comprehensive Report
  • Cops in Court:  How to be a Better Witness
  • Testifying as a Drug Recognition Expert
  • Alcohol Laws:  Tools to Increase Public Safety
  • Finding Underage Drinkers on MySpace
  • Forcible Blood Draws in DUI Cases
  • And much, much, more . . .

Joint trainings are also available where prosecutors & officers work together to increase convictions in impaired driving and other traffic crimes. Explore the links to the left to see the course descriptions.