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Prosecuting the Impaired Driver: DUI/DWI Cases

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Prosecuting the Impaired Driver: DUI/DWI Cases
Trial Advocacy Course

This course is designed to create a team building approach between prosecutors and law enforcement officers to aid in the detection, apprehension and prosecution of impaired drivers.  Prosecutors and law enforcement officers will participate in interactive training classes taught by a multidisciplinary faculty.  This is a three-day trial advocacy course focusing on building skills in trying an alcohol related impaired driving case. 

The training includes a discussion of the role of the prosecutor in both alcohol-impaired driving cases and community safety and covers standardized field sobriety tests, the pharmacology of alcohol and chemical testing.  Each participant prosecutes a “case,” is critiqued on his/her live performance and given an opportunity to view him/herself on videotape.  Throughout every state of the course, participants receive direct feedback on their courtroom skills with assistance in how to compose more persuasive arguments and deliver more dynamic presentations.