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Prosecuting the Impaired Driver:  DUI/DWI Cases

Prosecuting the Drugged Driver


Prosecuting the Drugged Driver
Trial Advocacy Course

The course begins with an overview of the drug-impaired driving problem in the United States and the substantive areas of training that police officers receive to be certified as a Drug Recognition Expert. Learning about drug categories, signs and symptoms of drug influence, the role of the DRE in establishing impairment, and the role of toxicology in these cases, will assist the prosecutor in developing methods for effectively and persuasively presenting this information in court. The course also addresses how to qualify the DRE as an expert witness in court and how to respond to common defense challenges.

Each participant will have the opportunity to prosecute a “case” including the opportunity to conduct a direct examination of a DRE and a toxicologist.  Each phase of the trial is videotaped.  Participants receive critiques of the “live” and videotaped presentations from experienced faculty.  Throughout every state of the course, participants receive direct feedback on their courtroom skills with assistance in how to compose more persuasive arguments and deliver more dynamic presentations.