Idaho Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor

Community Safety Group Training


Jared Olson--Idaho’s Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor--is available for various community presentations and training related to traffic safety and impaired driving.  Jared has already given presentations at Idaho high schools, drug & alcohol coalitions and community youth groups. Email Jared to see if he is available to speak at your next event. Below you will find some of the presentations he can give to your group.

How to Find Teen Drinkers Online.  This has been a popular presentation for parents and community members desiring to learn how Idaho teenagers are using the internet for social networking.  This presentation explores the misperceptions of youth using social networking sites and will provide examples of Idaho teens using these sites to engage in the illegal activity of underage drinking.

Underage Drinking Does it Matter?  This presentation covers national and state statistics regarding underage drinking.  The objectives of the presentation is to (1) understand the problem is severe; (2) convince participants they are susceptible to the problem; (3) address the current barriers; and (4) talk about the benefits of eliminating underage drinking in Idaho.

CSI Effect. The CSI Effect is the phenomenon in which the popularity of television shows such as CSI and Law & Order has raised viewers’ (victims’ & jurors’) expectations of forensic evidence and crime scene investigation to the level depicted in these shows. The effect is said to have changed the way many cases are investigated and trials presented in court today. The problem, of course, is that in some situations, it is raising jury members’ real-world expectations to an unrealistic level.  This presentation explores this interesting phenomenon.

Distracted Driving.  Have you ever wondered whether drivers using cell phones are more dangerous than alcohol-impaired drivers?  This presentation explores the dangers of distracted driving.

Prosecution of Impaired Drivers.  Learn the challenges and difficulties of prosecuting impaired drivers.  This course discusses the current national and Idaho case law regarding driving under the influence. Participants will learn the intricacies of the Idaho statutes and why these cases can be difficult at times to prove in court.

Other suggested presentations may include:

  • Motorcycles & Helmets
  • Seat Belt Safety
  • Sharing the Roads With Trucks
  • And much, much, more . . .